Knock, knock...I'm bacccck!!!

I'll start off by saying that I honestly just didn't believe that I would neglect my blog for as long as I have. To say things have been crazy and hectic would be a complete understatement. Since my last post in April (yes, I know it's almost September!!!), I have had more than my share of stuff happen. Some good, some not so good. Take the good with the bad, right? 

Here's a few highlights from the past few months!

Certified Correctional Officer!

My biggest supporters through it all!

Recipient of the Female Physical Fitness Award along with my Jail Basic Certification.

Since I finally graduated the academy in June, I have been thrown headfirst into working at a brand new jail facility. It has come with a whole new set of challenges and I've had to learn how to deal with people I have never really had to deal with on a daily basis. Not only have I had to adjust to working in that type of environment, I've also had to adjust to working twelve hour night! Yes, I work nights! As insane as it sounds, I actually don't mind it. I wouldn't go as far to say that I love it, but it really isn't that terrible. As with any new job, I still have a lot to learn, but I feel as though I have made a career change for the best. Things are different from day to day and I like that it's not monotonous. Not to mention, I don't have to worry about what to wear day in and day out and I can shoot a gun ;)

Also, if you hadn't been made aware, it was summer time...that means the kids are out of school and the pool is open and ready for lots of wee ones to have fun in the sun. The Bebe's did just that. They are like little fish! They would spend all day in the water and I don't blame them, it's been a hot one!

Little mermaids!

I can't even believe this little girl is SEVEN!! Where is the time going?!?!

Bebe Lyla isn't such a Bebe anymore...

Dinosaur Land with little crazies!

A corny place to go, but I'll be darned if they Babes didn't have a blast!

So, here we are, days before the start of a new school year, the teacher has been met, and Willow is more than ready to start second grade, and I feel as though this summer just flew by without really being able to enjoy it. We did a few things, but between trying to adjust to a bunch of new changes, it's been one of those summers that I'm actually ready to end (don't hate on me to much!) By next summer, we should all be adjusted and situated into a new routine and hopefully we can take some time to enjoy it a little more. For now though, the pumpkin spice coffees are in full swing and I'm ready for the leaves to start turning, football to be on, and clean, crisp fall air to be around. Here's to fall and here's to change!
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Poppin' In.

I pinky promise I haven't forgotten about everyone here! This past week has been full of firsts and extra long days that have left me pooped! I'm hoping to get into the swing of things here soon, especially with realizing that I have to manage my time a little better ;) This weekend was all about getting things I neglected to do this past week and prepare for the week ahead! As soon as I get with it, I'll give you the low be honest though, it really isn't that interesting, unless you count my first week of Academy that's been crossed off ;) Really, though, I'm really blessed to have been given a once in a life time opportunity and I'm trying to do and be the best that I possibly can be! 

In the meantime, I found this and thought it suited life in general right now! Happy Monday Friends and I'll be back soon with the deets!

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Bucket List.

I've always been a dreamer of sorts. I dream of big things. I want to do big things and not necessarily in the 'be successful and have lots of money' way, but in the 'make the most out of my life and be happy' sense. I want to live and not just live. I want to experience what the world has to offer and not live vicariously through the eyes of others. I want to be the one to have those once in a life time memory making experiences. So, I have for you today, a bucket list of 'stuff' I want to do at some point in my life. It may take a lot of saving and I may have to wait awhile, but at some point, I'd like to look at my list and see just about everyone one crossed off. 

//Hike down into the Grand Canyon and raft the Colorado.
//Travel to all 50 states in the US.
//Have a successful garden and be able to can and or freeze my produce.
//Be debt free. 
//Run a marathon.
//Take a cooking class. 
//Play messy Twister.
//Take a trip with my best friend, let's go Rochelle ;)
//Sew and complete a quilt.
//Sing karaoke.
//Learn a dance.
//Plant a magnolia tree.
//Make a butcher block counter top.
//Run a race with the girls.
//Try a new sport besides running, maybe join a league!
//Write more letters to the people I care about. Time is precious.
//Travel outside of the U.S.
//Learn to crochet.
//Backpack Europe (cliche, I know, but I'd love to do it!)
//Learn to snowboard.
//Watch the Summer Olympics live.
//Do more than one pull-up. (Yep, I'm still working on this!)
//Open an Etsy shop.
//Take the girls to Disney World.
//Go scuba diving.
//Eat on a rooftop restaurant.
/Be an extra in a film.
//Stand on the equator.
//Go to New York City for New Year's Eve.
I've been to the Grand Canyon, but pushing a double stoller down into the Canyon, would have been just a bit too much ;)

I'm almost positive that I have forgotten something on my Bucket List, but this is a pretty good start. After reading through this, I have come to realization that I really want to travel and do crazy adrenaline rushing things, and with that I'll need an extensive budget...ahh the problems I face haha! On the plus side, before I actually wrote this post, I had a few items that I didn't list because I actually already crossed them off! I hope everyone has a great day!
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