Bucket List.

I've always been a dreamer of sorts. I dream of big things. I want to do big things and not necessarily in the 'be successful and have lots of money' way, but in the 'make the most out of my life and be happy' sense. I want to live and not just live. I want to experience what the world has to offer and not live vicariously through the eyes of others. I want to be the one to have those once in a life time memory making experiences. So, I have for you today, a bucket list of 'stuff' I want to do at some point in my life. It may take a lot of saving and I may have to wait awhile, but at some point, I'd like to look at my list and see just about everyone one crossed off. 

//Hike down into the Grand Canyon and raft the Colorado.
//Travel to all 50 states in the US.
//Have a successful garden and be able to can and or freeze my produce.
//Be debt free. 
//Run a marathon.
//Take a cooking class. 
//Play messy Twister.
//Take a trip with my best friend, let's go Rochelle ;)
//Sew and complete a quilt.
//Sing karaoke.
//Learn a dance.
//Plant a magnolia tree.
//Make a butcher block counter top.
//Run a race with the girls.
//Try a new sport besides running, maybe join a league!
//Write more letters to the people I care about. Time is precious.
//Travel outside of the U.S.
//Learn to crochet.
//Backpack Europe (cliche, I know, but I'd love to do it!)
//Learn to snowboard.
//Watch the Summer Olympics live.
//Do more than one pull-up. (Yep, I'm still working on this!)
//Open an Etsy shop.
//Take the girls to Disney World.
//Go scuba diving.
//Eat on a rooftop restaurant.
/Be an extra in a film.
//Stand on the equator.
//Go to New York City for New Year's Eve.
I've been to the Grand Canyon, but pushing a double stoller down into the Canyon, would have been just a bit too much ;)

I'm almost positive that I have forgotten something on my Bucket List, but this is a pretty good start. After reading through this, I have come to realization that I really want to travel and do crazy adrenaline rushing things, and with that I'll need an extensive budget...ahh the problems I face haha! On the plus side, before I actually wrote this post, I had a few items that I didn't list because I actually already crossed them off! I hope everyone has a great day!
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She's a dirty girl.

 Holy cow! I know I've talked countless times about the weather lately, but I just can't seem to help it! It's been so extreme and this weekend was a good extreme, like absolutely beautiful out. Summer like weather and we were taking advantage of it! I almost thought we were all going to be laid out on the couches this weekend because Friday both Jeff and I felt ill. I don't even think we moved after the girls were fed and in bed...but we woke up Saturday and felt fine! Not quite sure what it was all about, but we felt better and that's all that mattered!

Saturday we did our normal morning schedule; Jeff worked, Lyla had gymnastics, and we came home and got a ton of things done around the house. I was actually able to mop the floors without fear of mud rentering the house anytime soon. later Willow went to a friend's birthday party at the bowling alley and had a blast. On my way home with her, I got a text from a friend that they were having a bon fire...that's all it took. I called Jeff and he was game and we packed up and headed out to enjoy the evening around a fire. The girls were stupid silly by the end of the night, they didn't fall asleep until they got in the car at midnight, and even Jeff fell asleep on the way home. It was the perfect evening to the day. 

Sunday was just a good! We headed to Lowe's to grab a few things for the garden and then had another birthday party to go to. When we got back home, Jeff, the girls, and I made our way up to the garden and started on getting my stick fence put up! Phase one has been completed and by the end of it, I had dug twenty-five holes to put the sticks in while Jeff and Willow attached the fencing to the sticks. My plan is to keep attaching sticks to the fencing (which means digging a lot more holes) and somehow manage to make a gate. We do have a few things to get into the ground now and I hope those rabbits stay away ;) Oh, and as you can see in the above picture, Lyla did a whole lot of nothing to help...she decided to save as many worms as possible and make some mud. Their baths this evening was so gross...I suppose that makes for some good times!

After we finished the fence, we still had to dye Easter eggs. We've been so busy lately, that I wanted to make sure we did them and I didn't forget! We sat outside while they dyed them and Jeff and I both did a little homework. I have to say, that as far as weekends go, this one is one for the books. I say it time and time again, but I just can't seem to help myself! I hope everyone had as great of a weekend as we did! Happy Monday! 
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Monday Morning Gossip
Mingle Monday

Inspire Me #54.

There are moments in our lives that we wish for more time in a day, more time to be able to get what want to get done or for something to last just a little longer. There are moments when we have a plan for our lives and try to live accordingly. Life is unpredictable. Life makes no guarantees. We wish to live by some standard that we have set for ourself, but never take into account those times when things may not go as planned. Taking each day as it comes is a practice that we have adapt to, while living up to our full potential in life is often forgotten. Take life in stride and learn to live in the moment all the while making the most out of every situation. Ultimately, we carve the path of our life and learn to be happy with that choice.

Oh beautiful day. We are FINALLY able to have the windows and door open in our home! It's absolutely gorgeous out this morning. We have plans to dye some Easter eggs today and get a few things cleaned up. I'm hoping we can make a trip to the park and river walk to let the babes play =) This week marks my last week at my current job! While I'm sad to leave, I'm excited for the opportunity that has come my way. I hope everyone has a great day, we are sure going to make the most of ours!   

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